Community Based Services Needs Not Always Met in the Community

Caring for the community is a social concern.  Many of the elderly & disabled are surving without having their basic needs met. In each middle class to poverty class there are social services that provide assistance to those who qualify. However, from what I see regularly, there is not enough being done.  Some of my clients run out of food monthly, get as little as $16/mo in food stamps and are paying regular rent plus the utilities.  This includes those who live in housing for the disabled.

Clear Care Consulting, LLC is taking social reponsibility to help those who need extra monthly support and is requesting the help of the community, spreading awareness and recognizing those who struggle with these challenges. I have started a go fund me account to raise money so my business can support these clients and others in the community to assist with their basic needs and special needs.

I appreciate the support.

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Aaliyah Haise

Clear Care Consulting, LLC


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