Senior Community Expo 2014 Success

Today, I was grateful to be one of twenty five participants in the Senior Community Expo 2014. Grateful because I had an opportunity and seized the moment. I met some very interesting organizations that work hard to provide community based services. Taking care of the community by meeting the total needs of the people is a hard job. Medical, mental, economic & social needs are met by providing personal care to those who meet the criteria. Medicaid & Medicare have combined and formed the Coordinated Care Plans. Effective December 1, 2014, those who have dual enrollments will automatically be converted to the HMO plan. Managed care is now part of Consumer Directed Waivers. As a Service Facilitator, there will be a lot of changes that affect how we are paid but will not compromise the work that we do in this field. The Senior Expo provided an opportunity to see the challenges of the senior population who live is community housing. Some have nurse aides to provide care and companionship while others who clearly need help were not receiving help. This event was a success because I connected with potential clients, caregivers and those who work in the field (agencies & organizations). Having an opportunity to be introduced among your peers and make a wonderful impression is priceless. This drives me to seize every moment because the possibilities are endless. If you need more information regarding Medicaid Waivers or HMO Consumer Directed Waivers; contact Thanks for reading. #clearcarellc #managedcare #vamedicaidwaivers #servicefacilitation #mentalhealth


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