Elderly & Disabled Consumer Directed Waiver

Taking a point to manage your healthcare is important. It is easier to have your own attendant who can be a family member, a friend or anyone you can trust. Agency directed care will allow the agency to pick and choose your CNA or PCA for you. The downside can be multiple aides in and out of your home, no one may show up and the agency may not have anyone to cover for the aide.

Consumer directed services allows the consumer or someone else to act as the EOR, employer of record and take more control in directing their care through the help of a Service Facilitator enrolled as a Medicaid Provider.

Medicaid waivers that allow Consumer Directed services in Virginia are EPSDT, EDCD, ID and DD waivers. If you would like to learn more, check out http://www.medicaidvadmas.com or dmas.org. Contact me at clearcareconsulringllc@comcast.net

Clear Care Consulting LLC is an enrolled Medicaid Provider for waiver services.


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