Javita Coffee and Tea, Weight Loss Success and Health Benefits

Javita Coffee and Tea, Weight Loss Success and Health Benefits

Recently, I received and invite to a Javita party. I saw friends stating that they just tried a new weight loss coffee and it taste great. In my curiosity, I decided to check it out and attend a Javita hosted by some friends of mine. I had never heard of the java company Javita.  During this party, there was nice music, cakes, and Javita products laid out on the table.  Javita has the burn and control coffee, another called energy and mind and the infamous lean + green Japanese Sencha green tea.  The atmosphere was upbeat, inviting and warm. The green tea was the first I chose and it was absolutely fabulous.  I like green tea, but never thought that the idea of green tea made instant would be appealing to me but it is absolutely great.  As the presentation went on to discuss the company Javita, the business aspect and then the health aspect of the products, I was very interested in an opportunity. Javita offers great ways and many ways to be compensated.  The three and free program is awesome for members and customers.  If you have three customers join under you and maintain at least three each month your product becomes free.  When a member gets three more members, a bonus is given for each member that joins under you. On a positive note, I enjoy working as a team and with the team I joined. We help each other out and the Javita parties are great. Whether you choose a small intimate setting or a party for 20-30 people. It is all good and the team is there to help support you and not just at startup but all through out.

Garcinia Cambogia, considered “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss” by some is infused in the burn and control gourmet blend.  Appetite suppression, less sugar cravings, inches loss, weight loss, change of body composition and many other health benefits are just a few to name.  I added burn and control to my diet and with modification of my food intake I have lost 20lbs from 2/15/2014 -03/12/2014.  I am not contributing all of the weight loss to Javita Burn and Control but I know that it certainly has played an important role in helping me to decrease body fat and change my body composition. 

Please visit my page http://myJavita.com/aaliyah  explore the benefits of Javita, the videos about the company, the testimonials on how this opportunity can change your life. There is no limit to your success. There is no one to block your success and remember during the process you are not alone.  The upline is amazing and daily inspiration and training is available during conference call. Also Monday and Wednesday night training sessions hosted by various diamonds in the company. If you are interested and see an opportunity for yourself send a message on my Javita page. I will answer any questions you may have and provide clarification to your questions. Thank you for reading this blog about Javita. I hope you will be interested in trying a product that has wonderful health benefits as a customer or as a member.  Javita “Changing lives one cup at a time”.  This upcoming Saturday, March 15, 2014 Dr. Chi Nyguen and Bill Ball will be presenting at the Tysons Corner Marriott at 3pm there is no cost to guest, members fee is $10.00. 


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