The Essence of My Heart (1)

The Essence of My Heart (1)

The first book I ever published is “The Essence of My Heart”,summer 2010.  This is a book of prose poetry written from true inspirational events surrounding my life and inspired from other occurrences that have been modified.  The inspiration for writing prose poetry came from a very early love of language and arts expression. Developing the appreciation of art in various forms has helped me to write and express from the heart.  The real beauty is in the gift that allows my writing to flow effortless with minimum writers block. 

In addition to writing prose poetry, I also have do song writing and legal writings from time to time. This blog will be dedicated to support the brand of who I am, a writer, a nurse and a business owner doing things my way.   I believe God allows us to experience life in all it brings to make us better. I have found my true purpose in life and love has recovered me. 

Clear Care Consulting, LLC is a case management & consulting company that provides solutions and training solutions for Community Based Care. Also we are a bilingual company, se habla español aquí.


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